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About Us
Who are we?  Just folks really! This whole thing started out by needing a couple saddle racks for the new saddles and after looking around I knew I could build a better one.  I had a few misfires and redesigns along the way but kept on trying to design that perfect rack. Perfect for who, heck I don’t know, perfect for the saddle I guess. I wanted the saddles to sit right, I wanted to be able to sit on the saddle when it was on there. (I’m strange that way I guess!)

So I came up with the design that has now sold hundreds on Ebay and else where. The original LILWOODHORSE Saddle Rack plans!

Why plans? Well that’s a good point really. When I built two or three of the racks for our saddles, I already had the template built, I had all the measurements written down. Then the in-laws wanted a few for their saddles. Okay, I can do that I figured. Then this light bulb came on. I thought, buying a saddle rack at the prices folks are charging can get quite spendy when you add on shipping etc. So then I had this brilliant idea (well brilliant to me, everyone else thought I was nuts!), “I will create plans so folks can build their own racks. I will make it so simple that anyone can do it!”

The rest is history I guess. Now I have three different sets of copyrighted plans out, and as soon as I get another brilliant idea (or maybe just a good idea?), I will make more.

My Tack Trunk plans will help the builder create such a beautiful trunk, they may not want to take it out of the house! But they will be the envy of the show if they do!

My Pony Plans? We put it this way, my daughter now has two, and “trains them” often.


The LILWOODHORSE Show Trunk (Tack Trunk) Plans
Enough room for a saddle inside, with a sliding removable tray. This trunk will be the envy of the show.

                         Mark Theis (All Rights Reserved)