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We are proud to announce that just about anyone will be able to build this beautiful trunk. We took care in explaining every step, every section. We took pictures and drew diagrams. Everything is laid out in this 55 Page plan. Yes thatís correct, that is how much care we took in explaining every move you will need to make. 55 Full color pages and you too can build this trunk. Just like youíve come to expect from LILWOODHORSE!! Step by step, nothing is left out.


With almost 15 cubic feet of storage space inside, this is a must have item to add to your needs for showing animals. Whether you show horses, cows, Llamas, Alpacas , Dogs, Cats or Gerbils this trunk will allow you to keep your food and water buckets, grooming supplies, harnesses, halters, lead ropes, whatever you want, right where you need them, next to your animals. There is even enough room inside to put a saddle! This is NOT A PLYWOOD BOX Folks!!


Compare the cost of this CD with the cost of buying a ready built trunk. A nice wooden tack trunk will cost upwards of 300 -500 dollars or more!! With these plans you can build one yourself for a fraction of that cost.


 Is it secure? You bet it is! Also inside the trunk is a movable and removable tray. How handy is that? Close the cover and you have a nice big padded seat to sit on or even lay on to take a nap!!


This is a must have folks!! Think of how impressed your competition will be when you bring in your trunk!! Completely Stenciled with your Farm, stable, kennel or what ever name on it. Thatís right, Weíre also including step by step instructions on how to create your own stencil on this CD. Plus we have added some other fine extraís and bonusís that you will find incredibly handy. We filled this CD up folks. We even included all of the full size pictures we took during the building process. This way if you need a better view than whatís in the plans, you can click and peek at the full size photo. 


Why on CD? Well letís think about that, Shipping a CD full of great information cost nearly ľ the cost of shipping just one 55 page document. We even created a great auto start menu for you so thereís no fuss, put it in and wait a minute. The CD will start all by itself!! (You Gotta Love technology!!) Plus by putting it on a CD, we are able to offer you more for less!! Our costs are less and for sure we pass that on to you! A Great Deal for sure!!


Did you know that you don't need a PayPal account to use Paypal? ORDER TODAY!!


Everything you need is right here to get your project started except the wood so order yours today!!
International Orders will have a slightly higher shipping. This will be adjusted in the final invoice sent to you. Do not Pay until to receive this invoice!

ITEM# LWHST      Show Trunk Plans         Price: $9.00 + $4.00 Shipping & Handling
                                   (Tack Trunk)


As always all orders will be shipped with 48Hrs. once payment is received.

International Orders are WELCOME!

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