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This is a fun hobby of mine. Something that I really enjoy. It just takes tons of hours of work so I don't get to enjoy doing it as often as I like.

Creating Unique but Functional trailers to pull behind my motorcycle started out with the idea to make a trailer out of a wine barrel. Not a whiskey keg, a 59 gallon wine barrel. Thought I was unique until I went on a trip with it and found two other bikes with whiskey keg trailers. Dang it!! Back to the drawing board!!

Wine Barrel Trailer:
My First trailer, got the wine barrel shipped to me from Wine Country in California. When I received the barrel, it was almost black. I sanded on this thing for days and days, pretty soon, that pretty white oak barrel started showing through.

Although this picture doesn't show it, there is a platform on the front to hold cooler, there's a stuffed monkey on it now. Trailer was heavy when it was full, but holy cow did it hold a lot of stuff!! Pulled like a dream though, never had a problem with it and pulled it for about 2500 miles.

Paddle Boat Trailer - this is my current one
Now this is Unique!! This Trailer took me about 200 plus hrs, but it is so cool!! Just currently completely revamped this trailer from top to bottom. Fully functional, top opens for storage! Approximately 140 LED lights total!! All the windows light up, all the decks light up, and I can make the Paddle wheel turn if I want to. It is actually motorized!! There is lights in the captains cabin, LED lights shining on the flags, and an LED light shining on the paddle wheel. You should see heads turn when I pull this baby around!! I love it!! And even when it's full of stuff, I hardly know it's back there. Because of the rounded front, there is hardly any wind resistance. This is a fun trailer to pull. I have pulled it in two parades so far. People would jump out in the street to take pictures of it. (That definitely makes the builder proud!) Folks actually think it is nothing but a float until I open it up and show them that it is a functional trailer. And when the lights are on- whooa- watch out.

Click on the pictures to see them larger.

           I do have more ideas for trailers, I am just waiting for the time to build them.

Night photo of paddle boat trailer below

                         Mark Theis (All Rights Reserved)