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           Our Customer Project Photo's

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Folks I had to post this email and attached pictures from Cyndy and her husband Michael. You have no idea how nice it is to get such wonderful emails like this from you folks. Thanks Mike and Cyndy, your grandsons pony looks fantastic and he sure looks like he enjoys it.

"We were so excited to receive your plans and start building for our grandson, Gabe's, third birthday, 21Apr!  We were really surprised about the price of wood now but it didn't matter...we were determined to build a "pony" for Gabe.  Gabe has this "love" for The Black on The Black Stallion movies and so asked what color he wanted his horse - black it was.  Michael, my husband, was picking out beautifully grained wood and just about had a heart attack when I told him that it didn't matter, we were painting it black!  LOL  At any rate, we built it - your plans were great! - and decided that the cheapest way to get it from GA to UT was to take it all apart and put it in one of my suitcases (I went to visit - Michael stayed home to take care of all the critters).  It's a good thing that we took it apart because I don't think I could have waited to give it to Gabe!  At any rate, on Gabe's birthday...as sick as he was...his first response was "You are BEAUTIFUL!".  His little eyes were so wide and excited.  He got right up on the saddle, stayed awhile, got down and walked all around it as if he were inspecting it.  He gave it a big hug.  He then wanted his daddy to get on a wooden rocking horse which was his mommy's when she was little so they could "ride" together.  What a sport he was!  When he got to feeling better, before I left, I took several pictures of him on his "Black" which we would like to share with you.  You are welcome to take any of the pictures you'd like to put on your home site (which is really cool!)  - if you decide against it for some reason...that's ok too.  Just hope you enjoy looking at the fun your product has produced!  Thank you so much for having your plans on ebay!!!!  This little "pony" has really brought a lot of joy for all!!!!..... "

Check out how happy this little cowboy looks!! These are so cute!!

gabe1.jpg (157472 bytes) gabe2.jpg (155019 bytes) gabe3.jpg (159337 bytes) gabe4.jpg (164055 bytes) gabe5.jpg (172026 bytes) gabe6.jpg (168175 bytes)

gabe7.jpg (173281 bytes)  gabe8.jpg (167361 bytes)

And then from Patty and Ron ..(Just take a look at their pony, I never thought of that!!)

"We purchased your plans and just finished our "lil wood horse" for our granddaughter. We used a sawhorse for our base, but all other parts are done using your great plans! Thank you!...
We so appreciate all the work you put into the plans. They were easy to use and put together beautifully. I went to eBay on the off chance of finding a wooden horse and lo and behold found your plans!  Just what we were looking for!  I found "fake fur" at the hobby store to make the mane and tail and bought leather straps to make the bridle and reins. The saddle blanket is a little rug purchased from Target and we got a well used pony saddle on eBay.  We even put a brand on the horse's rump! Our granddaughter loves to watch the farrier put "shiny shoes" on the horses so we had to paint silver shoes on the wooden horse..."


I feel so honored to have such great stories to share, please keep them coming folks!

See more below!!


Here is another customer who customized their pony from our plans and is now selling their ponies on ebay. They sure look nice, just take a look!


I like the change from the tray at the bottom to a covered box and the mop head type of tail and mane.  Great work!! Good luck on your sales!!



The Above pictures came from David K. who built this gorgeous Saddle Rack for his wife for Valentines Day! Check out picture number 2 and what he did with the horse shoes, our customers are so creative!! David writes:

"...Just wanted you to see how my wifes' Valenines Day present ended up. Your plans made it very easy - took only an hour to cut and begin assembly! Unfortunaltely, the sanding and staining took ALOT longer. Ha Ha

I did countersink all screw holes and then used mushroom plugs to hide all screws. I cut and welded two horses for the "Heart" effect.

Hope she likes it!!

Thanks again

David "

Well David I can only say this "Your wife is one lucky lady!"



The Above Photo's came from Linda P.  who sent these pictures to me just a few days ago. She built her saddle rack as a decoration for her Western themed basement. The Stain and varnish really make this one stand out, and I love the Boot!! Great Job Linda!!

           This one comes from Greta who just finished her saddle rack. She said she was hoping it was "so it was so easy a caveman could do it'. Well Greta apparently it was!! Great Job!

      This one comes from Leslie who wrote: "We really enjoyed doing this project and I can't wait to show off the finished product to all my friends." Well Leslie show it off because it sure is pretty!!!

           These are of Ian's master piece - Great Job Ian!!!

    - Wow what a sweet pony!!! Great Job P. Kay!!!!

Sandy sent these to me in mid-project- And looky looky, Cass is having a blast!! Too awesome!

    -here is a sweet saddle rack by Tammy! I really love the color! And notice the tray, a great place to put your boots!! Super job Tammy and she customized it to fit her needs besides!!

        Roger just sent me these photo's. He said he made it out of solid oak and did some customizing to "make this project his own". Great Job Roger!!


I love seeing all of these photo's of our customer's projects, please keep them coming!!




The LILWOODHORSE Show Trunk (Tack Trunk) Plans
Enough room for a saddle inside, with a sliding removable tray. This trunk will be the envy of the show.



Keep Sending us your photo's folks!! I love to see them and we'll be happy to post them here if you would like to share them!!

                         Mark Theis (All Rights Reserved)